Ryan specializes in telling funny and visually immersive stories that people actually want to share. His viral track record with brands like Jurassic World and Mattel isn't a fluke. By combining what he's learned as a professional comedy writer, director, editor, 3D animator and visual effects artist, Ryan is able to tell stories that truly stand out. 

Ryan has also built multiple successful comedy brands, both independently through brands like Very Serious Content, and professionally for companies like Fullscreen.


Want to team up and make something special? Let's talk! 

Zoom - "We're all in this together"
MACROCOSM (short film, 2020)
That's What She Said // pilot
NIKE OFFICE SHOE - commercial
Indominus Rex Vs. Ankylosaurus (Sweded) | Jurassic World | Mattel Action!
T-Rex Vs. Indominus (Sweded) | Jurassic World | Mattel Action!
Indominus Escapes and Attacks Everyone! (Sweded) | Jurassic World | Mattel Action!
Ultimate Hot Wheels Car Launch! | Distance | Labs Unlimited | @Hot Wheels
Racing Through Hot Wheels Loops! | Driving Force | Labs Unlimited | @Hot Wheels
America's Nicest Item - Episode 1
America's Nicest Item - Episode 2
America's Nicest Item - Episode 3
America's Nicest Item - Episode 4
Industry: The Man who Created the Emoji
Fire: a Ken Burns Film
Budweiser - Just One Dream Delivered (Commercial Parody)
The FrappuCheeto
CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Sheriff smokes weed
BEHIND THE SCENES: first feature film shot entirely on Prius backup camera
Murder Files: The Rehearsal Space Cold Case