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Ryan made this site to convince that you he can make funny videos. 

Here are some facts about Ryan written in the third person as if he didn't write them:

- Ryan has spent the last 6 years producing, writing, directing and editing over 100+ comedy sketches & shorts. About half of those have been self-produced, and half of them have been made for companies (TruTV, CollegeHumor, Just for Laughs, Fullscreen, Hot Wheels, and a Democratic SuperPac

- Ryan is part of a two-man writing/directing team with Andrew Heder(Very Serious Content / Mommy Comedy), which has won a handful of audience awards and produced over 70 comedy sketches, garnering over 50M+ views. 

- Ryan graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a piece of paper that says he didn't flunk out of TV production classes. 

- When asked to come for an interview, Ryan can bring homemade kombucha upon request.

Ryan Kelly