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Ryan Kelly and Andrew Heder founded Very Serious Content in October 2017 as a satirical send-up of NowThis and other “Facebook-first” news brands. As of February 2018, the page has over 97K+ followers and has produced a wide variety of videos, ranging from an interview with a Trump supporter who doesn’t know what a ladder is (20.5M views; 418K shares), to “found footage” of a parrot that sings Britney Spears tunes (7.8M views; 234K shares).


While other comedy publishers are limited to making videos for their specific niche audience, VSC can make a video about anything: weed, celebrities, Trump, animals—you name it. If a news brand like NowThis can cover it, so can VSC. The goal is to build the page into an internationally recognized satirical brand that encourages people to not take the world so damn seriously.